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My Adoption Story - Dani

My daughter was born two weeks early. I didn’t have a plan and then when she came it was harder after seeing her. I took her home and my mom helped me before she had to go back to work. Then it was only the baby and me at home all day. I tried to offer her more but I didn’t have much to start with, what could I give a baby really?  But her needs were more important that my wants.

My friend told me about a place that did fast adoptions, when you know what you want but don’t want all the stuff that makes you feel guilty, so I called the Fast Track Adoptions hotline and told them I needed to do this right away because every day it was getting harder to have her here and knowing I was going to give her to someone else. My coordinator was really cool and didn’t judge me, she read a few adoptive parent profiles on the phone and I read about more families on their web site www.fasttrackadoptions.com. I was able to text message her when I had a question and that helped too. I told her that it was too hard to keep faking it and, I needed to have an adoptive family by Wednesday. It was Monday when I called them and I found a couple that I liked a lot. They seemed just perfect for my daughter.

I spoke with Kevin and Belinda on Tuesday; they were from Texas and agreed to meet me and my daughter the next day. I thought they were a really great couple. They were want I really wanted for her. The paperwork was not hard- I just had to sign and the birth father paperwork was taken care of by the attorney and that was paid by the adoptive parents.

You might think you can’t do this but now a year later, it was the best thing for my daughter and for me. I am getting my life together and dating a nice guy and my daughter is getting all the love I wanted her to get from two parents that were ready for a baby. I hope my story helps someone else. I would like to think that I have gone through all this to be able to help someone else and be aware that there are good people and organizations like Fast Track Adoptions to help them too.

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